It’s a dog’s life

I don’t know if this is funny or the saddest thing I have ever seen. The imploring and pleading eyes of the poor mutt as it realises that the owner it has so loyally served for all of these years is actually a complete cretin, whose idea of a good time is to dress his pooch up in this snazzy number. Either that or the dog is actually a champion speed skater and the get-up is all about aerodynamics.

I’ve decided now, it is funny.Dog Speed Skater


  1. Dano says

    I wonder whether the look in the dogs eyes is one of calm and knowing contentment. I feel it’s not beyond the realms of imagination to think that this dog slipped this little number on by itself. Have you not heard of the Gay weirmeraner harlequin liberation front?

  2. shanks says

    No one expects the Gay weirmeraner harlequin liberation front to still be active these days, what with the infamous march on the Whitehouse alongside the Pansy Pomeranian Proletariat Party, which ended in such a horrific slaughter. All they wanted was to be allowed to wear multi-coloured spandex, and yet the yanks moiduhhed them. typical.

  3. shanks says

    i’ll put text wherever i darn well please. it’s that type of homophobia against dogs that really really upsets me!!

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