1. SkinnY says

    I’m off to Kitzbuhel tomorrow mornin for a bit of snowboarding. Hoping to get a mountain top photo in the BKM Tee.

    Bangkok Alpine Mafia in da Hills mo fo’s


  2. marcus says

    Have a good one mate,and stay away from yellow snow.I’m just off to cut the shit out of my hands fitting a new fan belt to the wifes car.

  3. marcus says

    Theres something wrong here fan belt done in about ten minutes no scalped knuckles,sheared off bolts etc.Got the rest of the day for something to go wrong big time.Training with Johny the bull tonight:-(

  4. SkinnY says

    I’m not Skinniest anymore 🙁

    Dyl is!

    I have put on 1/2 stone since august last year.

    It’s all that training. I don’t eat any more than usual. Next I’m gonna try and grow an ass.

    Fat Boy Slim

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