Swiss man jailed for Thai insult


A Swiss man has been jailed for 10 years after pleading guilty to charges of insulting the Thai king.

Oliver Jufer, 57, was arrested last December after drunkenly spray-painting posters of King Bhumibol Adulyadej in the northern city of Chiang Mai.

Serves the vucker right (idiot x 10) – yeah, yeah, a little bit harsh, but he’s in Thailand.
You don’t do sh1t like this when in Thailand

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Pit Bull saves 2 women


Four-year-old “Chief”, an American Pit Bull Terrier, dashed in front of a venomous snake which was poised to strike at 87-year-old Liberata la Victoria and her granddaughter Maria Victoria. Shielding the women from the attack, Chief saved them but died minutes later from the snake’s bite.

I bet you don’t see this story as a tabloid headline πŸ™

Poor ‘ole Chief – read the full story here

Top 25 Idiot Mispronounced Words

a blessing in the skies a blessing in disguise This phrase is no blessing if it comes from the skies. (Pronounce it correctly and help maintain the disguise.)
card shark cardsharp Cardsharps probably won’t eat you alive, though they are adept at cutting your purse strings.
duck tape duct tape Ducks very rarely need taping though you may not know that ducts always doÒ€”to keep air from escaping through the cracks in them.
excape escape The good news is, if you say “excape,” you’ve mastered the prefix ex- because its meaning does fit this word. The bad news is, you don’t use this prefix on “escape.”
expresso espresso While I can’t express my love for espresso enough, this word was borrowed from Italian well after the Latin prefix ex- had developed into es-.

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