Full power iPod mini speakers


They say;

‘So Much Power in Such a Small Space, The podXtreme draws its power from a built-in rechargeble Lithium ion baterry that is recharged via your usb port (or you can plug it into the the wall). Drawing upon its own power source, the podXtreme allows you to listen to music with much more volume and for a longer period of time than a speaker that pulls power from your MP3 or iPod’

Super Mini Sound Box

Quick Pitch Tent


Firebox are selling these, so I thought I’d see if I could track them down cheaper by going straight to the manufacturer where they are available for £29.99 (a saving of £5!).
Check out the video clip, they literally erect themselves in 2 seconds – wahay!
Brilliant for summer festies, or as an impromptu spare bedroom for Bill and/or Ben.
Gelert Quick Pitch TentÂ

UK Mafia Wife


A British housewife who married a Mafia boss and was convicted of helping run his empire has told the BBC she never asked her husband about his activities.
Ann Hathaway, 44, from Manchester, told Panorama she was too busy doing housework to fully know what Sicilian Antonio Rinzivillo was involved in.

Don’t know if you caught this on Panorama, but this lady is switched on!

UK Mafia Wife

Chat Up Lines

A man walks into a cafe and eyes up a few girls sitting down to their afternoon coffees. He spies one good looking lady holding her baby in her lap. Being the confident type, he walks up to her, smiles, nods at the baby and says “So! I see you like to vuck eh?”

“Hi, I’m gonna need a name to match the face that I’m gonna w@nk off to later.”

“Do you want to play squirrels, I run up in your hole and bust a nut.”

“awh man, I just pooped my pants a little… you’re not into that? are you?”

“You don’t sweat much for a fat bird.”

A man gets out of the shower and is spied by his young daughter who notices his dick swaying between his legs
“Whats that Dad?” she asks
“Thats my penis ” he says with a smile
“When will I get one?” she asks inquisitively
Dad replies “In about ten minutes when mum goes to Bingo”

Cornwall’s Pirate FM Radio


This is our local radio station.
It’s that shit, it’s great and strangely addictive.
All the hit’s from the 80’s and more (including the most awful jokes on the planet).
The good news is that you can listen live where you are, as long as you have a broadband connection, and let’s face it, if you haven’t got a broadband connection you are probably a retard or kiddy fiddler or something.

Radio Pasty