Pineapple Express

This film started off a bit slow, but after 20 minutes or so had us laughing out loud.
It’s almost like a spoof it’s that silly, and features the very funny Danny McBride,
star of The Foot Fist Way. It drags a bit towards the end, but is well worth a look.

Latest Dubstep Mix

That’s it from me for the next 3 weeks ‘cos I’m back to Thailand in the morning.

I’ve made you all a present for while I’m away though 😉
It’s my latest Dubstep mix (complete with a couple of ropey mixes)

Click here to download from Rapidshare

Elski will look after the BM while I’m away, so please keep sending in those links.

Sawadee Khap


Interactive Mirror

Conceptualized by Alpay Kasal of Lit Studios and Sam Ewen of Interference Inc.
Designed/constructed by Alpay Kasal.
This is a patent pending touch capable mirror.
The interactive mirror features proximity sensors, gesturing, and both nearfield and farfield infrared.
Visit for more information.


Traktor Pro Released

Can’t wait to try the demo of this, although I’d have to find out if it would with my Behringer decks before getting it.

I DJ’d at a lapdancing club last night, check it out by clicking here

I jacked into their (opus 20k!) system with my laptop etc, and did the whole set on Traktor.
It was a great crowd (special private party) and quite a few topless women 😀

Traktor Pro