Latest Dubstep Mix

That’s it from me for the next 3 weeks ‘cos I’m back to Thailand in the morning.

I’ve made you all a present for while I’m away though 😉
It’s my latest Dubstep mix (complete with a couple of ropey mixes)

Click here to download from Rapidshare

Elski will look after the BM while I’m away, so please keep sending in those links.

Sawadee Khap



  1. Dano says

    Nice one Cyril – will check that today – have a safe trip.

    Give us a shout Elski if I can help with anything over the next few weeks.

  2. frank says

    Aye that is well safe innit…

    Great trip to the land of frying locust and ting, give me best to BKK…one day shall see a wee journey over…

  3. says

    Thanks Marcus, I’m sure I will!

    Nice one Bill, what are you doing up before tea time? (er..dunno really)
    Will give you a bell before I leave.

  4. elski says

    thanks Dano, send in stuff for the blog to me, anything apart from video’s – can’t do them 😉

  5. Bill says

    I’ve got a lecture till six and then I’m free but yeah, dunno really. Ha ha I forgot about that. Your mix is nearly finished aswell Elly so I will send it soon for you and them little pups. SWEET LITTLE PUPS. Its very ‘athleque.’

  6. elski says

    Cheers Bill!! Dub’s been asking bout that mix, I told her it’s ON IT’S WAY. Looking forward to its athlequeism.

  7. marcus says

    Downloaded and I cant find it on the ‘puter,Billy will be home from school soon,he’ll suss it out.

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