Ordination of Novice Monks

I guess this is similar to what we’ll all be going over the Xmas period.

1. Refrain from killing living things.
2. Refrain from stealing.
3. Refrain from un-chastity (sensuality, sexuality, lust).
4. Refrain from lying.
5. Refrain from taking intoxicants.
6. Refrain from taking food at inappropriate times (after noon).
7. Refrain from singing, dancing, playing music or attending entertainment programs.
8. Refrain from wearing perfume, cosmetics and garland (decorative accessories).
9. Refrain from sitting on high chairs and sleeping on luxurious, soft beds.
10. Refrain from accepting money.

In all seriousness, this is a very interesting article on



Let’s see the action…

This cordless over-the-bed dual lamp offers individual, dimmable light to either person in bed, so one can read without disturbing the other. Each lamp slides along a 42.75″ track and adjusts side-to-side, while each lamp head swivels to shine right where the light is needed. Additionally, there are no cords and wires like other over-the-bed lighting.
Sweet 😎

cordless over-the-bed dual lamp


All Men are Rapists

Stand back! I am defending my rights as a woman – RAPIST!!!

Would-be assailants are going to pull a U-turn when they see you pull out these Blast Knuckles.
Aiming is just as easy as punching, and one tap delivers a massive 950,000V payload.
The unique, patented design is comfortable to hold, easy to grip and fits in almost any hand.
Your self defense budget just got a bump… get these Shockers here for LESS!

Blast Knuckles


UFC Fighter & Wife Shot Dead

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. — A mixed martial arts fighter and his wife were found shot to death in a Laguna Niguel condominium in what authorities said was an apparent murder-suicide.
The bodies of Justin Levens and his 25-year-old wife, Sarah McLean-Levens, were found Wednesday afternoon, Orange County sheriff’s officials said.

Bizzare, especially as his last fight was a loss against the late Evan Tanner

Full Story at ESPN



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Community members, Foneros, share some of their home Internet connection and in return gain access to free Wifi worldwide.

Are you sharing your internet connection & therefore a member of FON?
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