1. brant says

    I agree that your Tattoo’s are great but its obvious that there is a melancholic theme to the picture. The only thing that’s bad is that persons grammar!

  2. sam says

    tattoos often mess up symetry which is one of the precepts of physical beauty. basically tattoos make everyone look stupid and uglier (especially as people age).

  3. Bilee says

    thats creepy your tits look just like my’n? lol exsept my’n are a little higher up… but thats seeing as i’m still young yet. your body is a work of art. i like how dramadic the picture is and how it really hilights the tatoos seeing as any brighter colors would have taken away from them. The guy who sed ageing bla bla bla well as you grow memorys will attach to your tattoos as you probly have attached to them now and you shall just be showing your memorys. 🙂 The only things you regret when you get older are allways the things you never did any ways lol.

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