This is great & possibly better in some ways to Google earth?
I’m back to Hua Hin next week for Songkran, and this is a great way to explore the streets in advance, just use your arrow keys to get about, or click on the blue dots.
How did they get all the pictures without the infamous Thailand traffic though! They must have been up very early in the morning.

Mapjack Hua Hin

WAKT Matt Murt V Thai Main Event at MBK Bangkok

West Area Kick Thai (WAKT) student & fighter Matt Murt from Padstow (UK) fights a Thai for his 3rd ever Full Contact fight! His fight is the main event at MBK Bangkok. Working in Matt’s corner is the world famous Sasiprapa Gym. WAKT have Thai Boxing Club’s all over Cornwall, visit for more info, or for your Muay Thai equipment.