Freaky Pedo Art?

freaky pedo art Freaky Pedo Art?

I know these are only pictures of kids, but they totally freak-me-the-fuck-out.
See what you reckon…
The artist is a female (if that makes any difference).

Freaky Pedo Art?

mightyoak banner Freaky Pedo Art?


  1. No this is wrong :(

  2. too weird – eh?

  3. far too weird. and wrong. NO

  4. heuristicaenry says:

    beautiful! “avant gard”, cosita linda!

  5. just art and your an idiot if it was pedo art it would be much more direct you people have no balls at all

  6. Fuck off kiddy fiddler
    Here’s his details for the world to see;

    Author : no (IP: ,
    E-mail :
    Whois :

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