Back from Bangkok

Well, I managed to make it back from Bangkok despite Volcano’s wearing Red Shirts.

I love Thailand, but I have to admit, I was relieved to get home from this latest trip.
There was constant unease due to the Red Shirts whilst in Bangkok, I saw them en-mass as they came past us in Bangkapi, and until then I had no idea of how many of them there are/were. Whilst in Hua Hin it was the lovely serene Thailand that I know & love, but then when I got back to Bangers, I booted up the MacBook to find out about the Volcano – WTF! Just go’s to show that if Mother Nature kicks in, we are all at her mercy. Put her together with Father Time, and and you realise that effectively we have control over nothing.

Unfortunately I got the vibe that the Thai people generally agree that there will be a lot more bloodshed before any type of order is restored. The sad part is that it’s Thais fighting Thais and has all the hallmarks of an impending civil war.

Maybe they should look at the UK and the solid political parties we have over here (joke).

We have a general election coming up which has all the hallmarks of an impending apathy.