1. says

    Hi Marcus, Elly has closed her facebook account as she got upset by all the negative shit that go’s on there (why can’t people just be nice!). I’ve kept mine open as it’s a great tool for work & keeping in touch, but there’s too much ‘Eastenders’ drama and negativity in my honest opinion 🙁

  2. marcus says

    Glad to hear she’s ok.Know what you mean about the negative crap mate,I regularly have a few days break from it all 😉

  3. elski says

    Hi Marcus! I’m ok thanks for asking, just as Al said Facebook – NO!
    Hope you’re ok too 🙂

  4. marcus says

    Yeah fine thanks Elly,FB does my nut sometimes.I have a break now and then but I always seem to drift back……I’m weak 😀

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