1. says

    Thanks Marcus, I know you’re a dog lover too. The poor old lad was only 9 yrs, we discovered he got cancer a couple of weeks ago & it took him that quick. Gonna miss him.

  2. marcus says

    I lost my Buster to the same thing Al,cried like a bloody baby for days.Been thinking about you all day mate.:(

  3. elias says

    dude.. you dont know me and I dont know you
    though i check your blog every day
    and this.. this just plain sucks
    this is the downside with having dogs
    try to remember the good times with a smile

  4. Apollo says

    Goodbye Jesus..gonna miss ya big fella
    Was privileged to of looked after him from time to time when Mr A and Elly went away,
    such a character, he was a joy to have around and had me in stiches many was always a pleasure 🙂

  5. Dano says

    Apologies for the late entry.

    Want you to know that I also have raised a glass to the big white barrel and have been thinking of you.

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