1. marcus says

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant,Brian Glover at his best 😀 Methinks I’ll watch the whole fillim later 😉

  2. marcus says

    Cool,I’d never heard of imprint before.I fear the Ravens have been ‘got rid of’ by a local farmer so no rearing one of them.Cant blame the farmers really,the birds have the eyes out of the lambs as they’re coming out of the ewe !!

  3. says

    They’re something else Ravens, had a jackdaw as a kid too, was great fun – but a raven is another level.
    Did you know that Charles Dickens had a Raven called Grip & that was inspiration for Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem.
    Plus, kangaroos have 3 vaginas

  4. marcus says

    So do Bananarama 😉
    Did’nt know about Charles Dickens.I dont really go for or get poetry but that one is one I do like 🙂

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