1. marcus says

    We had some programme on the tv once and it showed a road somewhere.Bill would have been about 4.”Oh I built that road” he says.So I asked him if he meant at school or something.”No when I was here before”.He reckoned he’d built quite a few roads when he was a Roman.He also once came into my room in the middle of the night,woke me up,calmly told me to “Piss myself” !! When I asked him if he remembered doing it he said he did but he was talking to his ‘other dad’ :/

  2. marcus says

    Another night he was screaming his tits off for ‘Dad’ so I went bombing up the stairs only for him to look at me like I was a pile of dogs doo and say “Not ‘you’ I meant my real dad ” !!! Made me feel really good that one ! 😀

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