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Thai Boxing & Kick Boxing in Cornwall UK

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Time – Phrase
01:42:08 Because he’s killed me hawk instead, that’s why.

01:42:11 – He never has. – I know he has. Cos he couldn’t catch me.

01:42:14 – Jud! You have not killed this kid’s hawk! – So I have. What yer gonna do about it?

01:42:19 Killing yerself, that’s what you want!

01:42:22 lt were its own fault. I were only gonna let it go.

Thai Boxing & Kick Boxing in Cornwall UK

email 79:

When I was on the Tube coming back from the prison there was a guy on there in a suit, probably mid 60’s. I recognised him from when we were getting searched before we came upstairs to wait to see you all. On the Tube he took out a handkerchief and dried his eyes, it made me feel sad. He then looked up and recognised me from the visit too. We just looked at each other for a split second and no words needed to be said. We didn’t know each other but felt the same pain. One of those moments that I know will stay with me

Friday Randoms

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