Skinny Puppy Assimilate

Oil remove shred and tear Radiation vapor air It’s the fear so unclear Man in motion going nowhere In our homes stuck in the face Spread the word to the populace Yellow journal yellow journal Set the pace feel the rage Manifestations of a sort So insidious off the point Simple solution never confusion Sport a gun kill a cop Crazy world of weary thought So receive me had enough Lock me up lock me up Rot and Assimilate So hot to annihilate Deviation tonic mess Prolonged existence innocence Is he who speaks isn’t weak Wheelchair virtue so to speak Bubonic plague the truth of aids Immunity avoid decay In the trench of pestilence The bible screams announce your faith Mutterings of death to bring Suffocate a newborn thing Degradation of an age Venereal it’s all sensation Protect design the moral plan Infallible as propaganda Completely black With no steps back Hot to assimilate We’ll rot or annihilate Agony profusely stains The inner thinking of the brain Accusations clanking chains Experiments with the groans of pain All prefer no one blames The terror in an animal’s screams In cages our future The answers insane