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Christmas 2014 by Thepoisoner on Mixcloud

Xmas 2013 by Thepoisoner on Mixcloud

Xmas 2012 by Thepoisoner on Mixcloud

Champion sound by Thepoisoner on Mixcloud

Sole by Thepoisoner on Mixcloud

Lounge by Thepoisoner on Mixcloud

Choices by Thepoisoner on Mixcloud

And tears I cry by Thepoisoner on Mixcloud

Here we are, once again defying convention…

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A Box of Hair

Here she is, my latest mix 😉
A lot of work has actually gone into this one…
Expect the unexpected, and it’s quite possible that most of the tunes here will be new to you (always a good thing).

Download Rainbow of Sound by thepoisoner

Quite pleased with this mix although it’s far from perfect.
It starts with a more chilled out and sexy style of DnB before bringing in some nastier bass lines.
Hope you like it.

Download Aural Pleasure by thepoisoner

I’m rather pleased with my latest mix, even if I do say so myself.
It’s certainly not for everyone, and more of a chilled out, late night affair, but if you like minimal, atmospheric beats, dub, dubstep and a sprinkle of deep house, then this could be for you.
Cover image is a picture of Bill enjoying a cold Singha beer in Cornwall last Summer 🙂


We’re off on a Punk tip.

Download Born in the Sixties by thepoisoner

It’s bass heavy so time to push those speakers.

Download Dub Terrorizt by thepoisoner

structured chaos

A nice dark but melodic Dubstep non-stop mix

Download Structured Chaos by thepoisoner


A twisted mix of melodic dubstep leading to some DnB on a Banghra tip

Download Twisted by thepoisoner


A ripping mix recorded for a gig with Zetan Spore

Download Hypertribe non stop mix by thepoisoner


A bangin’ psy trance non stop mix

Download Psy-Chosis non stop mix by thepoisoner