Four fights for you!

Fight 1, weight: 112
Red: Aphisit Fonjangchonburee
Blue: Ruangdej Sor. Rangsan

Fight 2, weight: 102
Red: Serlek Kiatjaroenchai
Blue: Sitisak Chor. Janmanee

Fight 3, weight: 120
Red: Chaylek Sor. Permsiri
Blue: Phetmorakot Teded99

Fight 4, main fight, weight: 130
Red: Farmai Sor. Yingjaroenkarnchang
Blue: Wanchalerm Chor. Cheankamon

UFC Buys Strikeforce

Zuffa, the parent company of UFC, has just purchased it’s biggest competition in the US, Strikeforce. Dana White sat down for a twenty minute interview with Ariel Helwani of to reveal the purchase and clear up some details of the arrangement. “Business as usual” is how he described the next few months for both companies.


Apparently they will be kept separately, similar to how WEC and UFC were kept apart for years before merging at the end of 2010 or how Smackdown! and Raw were considered two separate brands in the WWE.

Scott Coker will still run Strikeforce which has a division that Dana White said would never be a part of UFC, the women’s division. With the companies being kept separately however it doesn’t make Dana a liar, since the women will not actually be fighting under the UFC umbrella.

Strikeforce will continue to run shows on Showtime until those obligations are finished and all shows already announced will still take place. Dana did not directly address the Heavyweight Tournament, which began in February in NJ and was supposed to continue sooner rather than later. One might infer that this deal that was brewing might have had something to do with delaying the second leg of the tournament.

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thai-boxing-equipment finally launched

Well, she’s not 100% finished but good to go.
For various reasons I’ve had to take down, and this is the new one.
If you get 2 mins please visit to have a look and let me know what you think, if you find any typo’s or other mistakes, please let me know – thanks.
We are also looking for anyone that would like to write any slimming tips and nutrition articles, as well as models etc.

Russian Barbie

You CANNOT be serious?


Topless Erotic Aerobics

This is just like the gym where I go training.


Topless Dog Training


You tell me…


Mirror in the Bathroom

Girls taking pictures of themselves in the bathroom mirror (self pics).
The door is locked it’s just you and me – name that tune?


Beetroot juice boosts stamina

A study by Exeter University in the UK reveals that drinking beetroot juice reduces oxygen uptake to an extent that cannot be achieved by any other known means, including training.

I’ve been on this for a day now (intense study), and the best bit is that it makes your pee & plop red 🙂

Beetroot juice boosts stamina